PS5 stops Nintendo Run  Sony for the first time for 33 months

PS5 stops Nintendo Run Sony for the first time for 33 months

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Despite the continuing production difficulties, the sales figures of the PS5 are simply not stopping. Now Sony s Next-Gen console was able to record another success – and has encountered Nintendo from the throne after almost three years.

The Nintendo Switch was feasible in the last 33 months in place 1 of the hardware hit list in the US. In September 2021 This record streak was interrupted by rival Sony . The PlayStation 5 secured this month, the pole position in the sales charts.

After 33 months: PS5 Nintendo switch replaces

Sony s PlayStation 5 has grabbed the top of the US sales charts in September 2021 – as well as the number in terms of the sales value of copies sold. Thus Sony was the competitor Nintendo outsmart and end the remarkable Erfolgszug the switch 33 months ranked first This was announced industry analyst Mat Piscatella known on Twitter.

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While the PlayStation 5 to 2021 here in the US is the most successful console in terms of sales value, performs the Nintendo switch further to the ranking of copies sold .

PlayStation 5 is made in the US to the top

Although the Nintendo switch was also unavailable temporarily, the lasting console shortages has significantly more affected sales of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X since its release in November 2020th All the more remarkable, it appears that the PS5 could break through in September Nintendo s dominance in the US. It remains to be seen whether the switch retrieves with the release of the new OLED model first place in October immediately.

the battle for the top of the sales charts is particularly interesting but of course especially true when all consoles will be fairly widely available again – but it will by then probably take a while.

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Sony may be in the United States with the PlayStation 5 crown in September for the hardware king – and thus interrupts a record series of Nintendo, the whole 33 months has stopped.

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