EA seeks to double the number of subscribers EA PLAY

EA seeks to double the number of subscribers EA PLAY

The CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, recently declared during a quarterly call on the financial results that EA PLAY was one of the main objectives of the publisher for the future. The subscription service has reached more than 6.5 million people since its arrival on PS4 and Steam, and Wilson wants to double this subscriber base in one year. The doubling of the number of subscribers EA PLAY will be made possible by adding EA PLAY to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will include the EA game on November 10 at no additional cost from the service of $ 15 a month.

Our EA PLAY service is the most successful Multiplatform subscription in the sector. With the addition of our subscription to PS4 and Steam, we have reached more than 6.5 million paying subscribers, said Andrew Wilson. Ea Play is now ready to be posted on Microsoft Game Pass in a few days, and we think we have the opportunity to double our subscriber base over the next 12 months. Since about 15 million players are currently subscribing to Xbox Game Pass, it is likely that Andrew Wilson s goals will be outdated and investors who are not warned about Xbox will be pleasantly surprised.

It s actually the right to the EA PLAY subscription, and because of the relationship that we have with the players who subscribe to these subscriptions, it will be the same as if we sell it outside the platform , said Andrew Wilson. You will continue to see us think about our subscription in a general way on all platforms, and make it available to all players, where they wish, the way they need, with the least possible friction.

Are you currently subscribed to EA PLAY or will you join the service with the Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the comments below!

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