FIFA  The World Association does not want to distribute the license rights only to a party

FIFA The World Association does not want to distribute the license rights only to a party

A few days ago, the news made the round that Electronic Arts think about the renaming of the FIFA series after the current license negotiations came to the FIFA. Both parties are currently unseins because the World Association has more than doubled and henceforth wants to have more than a billion US dollars of Electronic Arts every four years.

No license monopoly more

In contrast, the game manufacturer wants to offer tournaments and digital products under the FIFA banner, while the association himself wants to restrict the rights to be able to consider further possibilities. Now FIFA has submitted a statement that clarifies its view for the future of football matches:

The FIFA will assume a new advertising positioning in gaming and esports to ensure that it is best placed in order to make decisions that are beneficial to all football shareholders. FIFA is optimistic and excited about the future of football in gaming and esports and it is clear that this must be a room taken by more than one party that controls all rights.

This suggests that Electronic Arts should no longer receive exclusive rights. Instead, the FIFA is open to a broader distribution of rights, so that competitors such as Efootball and completely new brands in the future could receive full licenses.

Technology and mobile companies are actively competing for cooperation with FIFA, their platforms and global tournaments. As a result, FIFA deals with several entrepreneurs, including developers, investors and analysts to build a long-term view of the Gaming, Esports and Interactive Entertainment Sector. The result will ensure that FIFA has a selection of suitable parties with expert possibilities at hand to actively make the best possible experiences and offers for fans and consumers. Gaming and Esports are the fastest growing media vertical markets on the planet; With new and varied types of games that will be published continuously. Therefore, it is crucial for the FIFA and its shareholders to maximize all future opportunities for football and gaming fans.

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Finally, FIFA had underlined that one of the 211 member associations is the responsibility of taking advantage of the opportunities that occurred in recent years. Furthermore, you want to continue to organize Esports tournaments under the FIFAE banner and make sure that ESPORTS football is always closely linked to FIFA. You would also like to use the FIFA World Cup and the FIFA Women s World Cup to publish new games and eSport offers and to offer the players more.

In contrast, Electronic Arts had already announced that the contract has been extended with the FIFPRO to continue to use the original player names and faces. Accordingly, one can be curious how it continues with the FIFA license rights.

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