Psychonauts 2 PSI King s Sensorium Collectibles Overview

Psychonauts 2 PSI King s Sensorium Collectibles Overview

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The psychedelic songs event that is PSI King s Sensorium in Psychonauts 2 is a substantial location, with numerous smaller sized areas within a bigger map. It allows as well as engaged, and needs you to drive about a camping area to situate PSI King s five senses to obtain the band back together. Spread throughout its several locations are a lots of Figments, psychological luggage, Nuggets of Wisdom, and a lot more. Here s a complete rundown of every little thing you can find in the degree to raise your trainee ranking inside the PSI King s mind.

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PSI King s Sensorium Collectibles

Nuggets of Wisdom: 3
Memory Safes : 2
Emotional Baggage : Knapsack, Travel Suitcase, Bag, Hat Box, Steamer Trunk
Half-A-Minds : 4
Fantasies : 263

  • Bag Emotional Luggage : You ll first locate yourself in a backstage area, with PSI King looking to place atrioventricular bundle back together to get back on phase. Go below from the back and also you ll locate the Travel suitcase.

  • Half-a-Mind : To the left of the Bag, you ll see some posters. Melt them with Pyrokinesis to open a tunnel underneath the phase, which will lead you to a Half-a-Mind at its end.

  • Bag Tag : Also in the Backstage area, search for a pair of camper trailers near the fence at the back of the location, furthest from the stage. Hop on top of the camper to discover the Bag Tag.

  • Half-a-Mind: Not long right into your time in PSI King s Sensorium, when you enter the Eye King s Temple, you ll unlock a new capacity called the Time Bubble. It allows you to reduce fast-moving enemies and also products, supplying you accessibility to new locations. Your very first Half-a-Mind is located behind the first spinning follower you ll discover in the degree, which you can reduce and leap through Time Bubble.

  • Nugget of Wisdom : In Eye King Shrine, slow down the rotating celebrities available from the pile of roadie boxes prior to you take the turning rope to the limelight to turn on the 2nd rainbow bridge. This is something of a side path as well as results in a system with the Nugget waiting.

  • Memory Vault : A little farther into the Eye King s Temple, you ll discover a spot where you need to relocate a limelight to hit a prism to create a rainbow bridge. On the left side of this area is the course that ll lead you to the light, with two rotating fans. Simply past the fans, aim to the right for a spot with a door made from prison bars. You ll need the Estimate power to open it, however as soon as you have it, you can snag your initial Memory Vault.

  • Satchel Emotional Luggage : Much Deeper into the Eye King Shrine, you ll have gone across a couple of rainbow bridges. When you struck the 3rd prism, check underneath the roadie boxes listed below it; you can rise and also rotate the camera around to see the opening and also grab the bag.

  • Hat Box Tag : Continue towards the tower with the light for the third rainbow bridge, via two spinning followers you ll have to reduce with Time Bubble. After you get rid of the second fan, transform to the right and seek some posters you can melt via to reveal a secret area, which will certainly lead you to the tag.

  • Duffle Bag Tag : When you complete the Eye King Shrine, you ll acquire the capacity to drive around the rest of the fairgrounds. You can go any place you want, but we ll take you to the Concessions location next. Instantly after you go into the area, transform about as well as stroll back toward the van you got here in and look left behind some rainbow-colored bushes to discover the tag snuggled behind-the-scenes.

  • Memory Safe: When you get here, seek one more caged location like the one you located in the Eye King Shrine near the begin, simply where you locate the first tightrope to climb over the line of consumers listed below. You ll require to use the Forecast power to survive benches to grab your 2nd Memory Safe.

  • Handbag Emotional Luggage : Deeper right into the Concessions location, you ll hit a rotating system you need to slow with Time Bubble. As you go across the system, look for an area where you can fall behind the high fencing to discover the Purse behind it.

  • Half-a-Mind : At the end of the Concessions area, you ll get in the Nose Mouth Shrine. Toward the end of it, you ll see an additional prism for making a rainbow bridge, alongside a number of work rails. You can bypass this area and proceed to completion of the shrine, however if you draw away here and also make your way to the spotlight, the rainbow bridge will certainly take you to the Half-a-Mind; the work rails are for returning to the primary path.

  • Nugget of Wisdom : As you make your means through the Nose Mouth Shrine, you ll see some tongues slapping the pathway, and also you ll require to utilize Time Bubble to reduce them so you can slip past. Obtain through the first two tongues as well as seek a trampoline you can use to head right into a tower. Transform about as well as search for a third trampoline, which will certainly enable you to jump a gap to a platform where the Nugget of Knowledge is waiting.

  • Cleaner Trunk Tag : Return to the tower you simply left to obtain the Nugget of Wisdom. From right here, the course in advance must enable you to run directly to the Cleaner Trunk Tag without much difficulty.

  • Hat Box Emotional Luggage : When you complete the Nose Mouth Temple, you ll next off use the van to head to the Woods location. Examine to the right of the path that avoids to your left from the beginning location, opposite the tiny stream, which should get on your right. There s a campground along the road with 2 outdoors tents in it; the Hat Box is snuggled just behind them.

  • Traveling bag Tag : Keep moving through the timbers till you hit a falls with logs dropping it. On the appropriate side, you ll be able to ascend the cliff by wall-jumping your way up. When you struck the leading, examine around the corner to the right to locate the Suitcase Tag.

  • Half-a-Mind : Maintain rising as well as at the leading you ll find Audie O. as well as Mr. Touch. Hurdle the falls to the left side to discover the Half-a-Mind prior to talking to them to go into the Ear Hand Shrine.

  • Nugget of Wisdom : Currently inside the Ear Hand Temple, you must see a prism following the beginning of the degree. Head onward and try to find a turning fan ahead. If you turn about, you ll locate a ledge you can climb up to with a limelight atop it. Use it on the prism to develop a rainbow bridge that leads to an island where the Nugget of Wisdom waits.

  • Steamer Trunk : As you near completion fo the Ear Hand Shrine, you ll make a 2nd rainbow bridge that leads you to the island where the tools are located. Seek to your right to see the Cleaner Trunk on one more system you can jump across to.

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