Gehsen Management Sim Arcade Tycoon Official Release Let s make the best Gehsen with enchanted chassis and decoration

Vincent King Studio and Squidpunch Studios ended the game center management sim Arcade Tycoon early access and the official version has been released.

This work is a game center management simulation game that freely places arcade chassis, toilet, ATM, etc. as the owner of the game center. Early access was started in September 2019, and in April 2020, there was a response to Japanese.

Formal versions, a campaign stage or sandbox mode with different 12 goals, and a random event that has increased by updates under early access. In addition, many QOL improvements have been made, such as localization updates, and reviewing tutorials, along with large updates taken in September. The developer s Nigel says that the response to bugs and issues has been conducted.

Arcade Tycoon is selling at 1,320 yen (tax included) at STeam. Currently, it can be purchased by 20% off 1,056 yen (tax included) for a limited time until October 22.

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