NHL 22  Hockey game for PS4 and PS5 released

NHL 22 Hockey game for PS4 and PS5 released

Electronic Arts has published the sports game NHL 22 today. The title appeared for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The publisher promises with the title optical upgrades as well as improved environments, player details and lighting effects. Superstar-X-Factors, a new capability system that is to transfer the characteristics of the league to the game, according to EA helps to raise the class-based competitions of the game to a new level.

Game statistics as overlays

From revised player portraits via details to the outfits to improved ice fountains during braking, the Frostbite Engine releases every detail in higher resolution, it says in today s press release. In addition, the new augmented reality transfers should project game statistics as overlays directly on surfaces.

In Be A Pro, you should start your own career with several seasons comprehensive storylines and a revised progress system. World of Chel was again provided with a new headquarters in which all features are better reach. According to Publisher, the revised party flow ensures that the change from a game to another with friends is quite just by hand.

NHL 22 buy:

NHL 22 at Amazon for PS4
NHL 22 at Amazon for PS5

EA Next: Gambling can create a completely new team, select the Seattle Kraken, who celebrate your debut in NHL 22, or add the league a 33rd team for the draft. 50 X-Factor players also receive special powerup players in hat, which can be improved via live content over the course of the season.

Other messages to NHL 22:

NHL 22 in the preview: now with frostbite engine and x-factor trailer and appointment

At the beginning of December, Roster Sharing introduces a new community feature that gives you the opportunity to download top cadres or to provide for use in franchise mode. Below is a recently published gameplay video for NHL 22 :

Further messages for NHL 22.

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