Electronic Arts  FIFA apparently wants one billion US

Electronic Arts FIFA apparently wants one billion US

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Publisher EA surprised a few days ago with the announcement that one currently thinks about a possible name change of the popular football simulation FIFA. Behind it obviously stuck negotiations with the FIFA, which want to have significantly more money for the next few years, if EA continues to call his games FIFA. According to a report of the New York Times, the ten-year agreement expires at the end of 2022. This year, the decision should be made for the future.


However, both parties should have been unified for two years. FIFA wants to in future for the license over a billion US dollars per four-year World Cup cycle. In addition, FIFA would like to further restrict the possibilities of EA when using the name rights to continue to be able to pursue new business models.

Alone in the last financial year, Electronic Arts has achieved sales of 1.62 billion US dollars only with the Ultimate team game mode. The main part was taken with FIFA. It is conceivable that the FIFA wants to have part of the cake and therefore the fees for the license has increased significantly.

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Even if EA and FIFA do not extend the contract, it would continue to give the real players and leagues in football simulation. This ensures the agreement with FIFPRO, which the Publisher wants to continue in the future. Only things related to FIFA would be missing in the title. Only this week is a new trademark of EA, which could be related to a name change. Instead of FIFA, the game could then be called EA SPORTS FC.

Source: New York Times

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