APEX LEGENDS 7th CR Cup ranking result summary  Yamada Ryosuke and Kato Junichi first participated in the first participation member

APEX LEGENDS 7th CR Cup ranking result summary Yamada Ryosuke and Kato Junichi first participated in the first participation member

The Progeming Team CRAZY RACCOON gathers a popular influencer for Battle Royal FPS Apex Legends The 7th Crazy Raccoon Cup Apex Legends (hereinafter referred to as CR Cup) was held on October 9. Beginning with the Crazy Raccoon Stromer Progemer, VTUber, musician, cartoonist, entertainer, etc. Variety rich talents are invited in the invitation system, and it became more and more to emit presence in the E-SPORTS scene Tournament. While not only the popularity of Youtube and SNS Followers, not only the popularity of 50,000 people, etc., which team went up to the top without having to have high ability. Each of the Killpoint upper limit adopted also is also adopted at this tournament, and many rules that did not exist in the past CR cup have been added. In this article, we will introduce the results of the main tournament that fierce battle continued to the end.

※ Participant honoring abbreviation

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4th place below is here!

4th place: Mudge predator (Bodka / Buddha / Hassin)
5th: Devil and Disciple (Otoha / RAS / Untrender)
6th place: PP wins (Summer color festival / Masanori / Milk)
7th: October 9th 25 o clock Senior is a story of junior juniors On Air I7 ​​(NIRU / Shiroman / Yopi ~)
8th: Suitable for applying (Alphaazur / Ibrahim / K4SEN)
9th place: Bora Sapevio (Nung Bola / Bobsappaim / Ex Albio)
10th: Do not think on the burden (Zeder / Tachibana Hinano / Seisen Chigusa)
11th: SUNDOME (Don Pisha / Top)
12th: I m from Sora! (Roa / kamito / Soraru)
13th: We said that we did not say that … (Kawase / Asteler / DJ FOY)
14th: Buster Call (Azuki / STYLISHNOOB / Junichi Kato)
15th: BIG ★ STAR (Ichisose Uru / Uruka / Omori Toku)
16th: Chipoppo @ 1 (Kinako / Preving Hiro / Tonachite)
17th: Animer RU Predator (Tie RU / Yufuna / Deko God Leona)
18th: CR Takahashi Nako (WOKKA / SPYGEA / E Nako)
19th: Curse of Hoshikawa (MONDO / Mondo / Hoshikawa Sarah)
20th: Can t 1 (Daruma no Sorry / Aya / Higuchi)

The champions were taken in each game that was held five times, I m from Sora! , Candy ☆ POP , Devil and Disciple , Dome Performance , Candy ☆ POP was. There was a new rule, and there was a chance to win the upper team at the end of the fourth game. It is …….

It is this team that you caught the crown!

It was Candy ☆ POP , who grabbed the championship!

There were also a close point to the fourth game, and the upper team had a slight point. The difference between 2nd and 1st place is also only one point. It was a very spectacular event. The order of 3 or more is as follows.

1st place: CANDY ☆ POP (CPT / Normal Dia / Hui peach)
2nd place: Yanikas (selly / sobart /)
3rd place: Dome performance (Shibuya Hal / Yamada Ryosuke / Morning)

The number of simultaneous viewers of this delivery in Mildom is more than 100,000, and this time the seventh CR cup that showed a great success this time. The winning team was Candy ☆ POP , but which participating team showed great great fight and showed a number of famous scenes.

As a play that was impressive, WOKKA in the first game, WOKKA was down two people down, and the two-game SELLY of the second game SELLY . At the 3rd game, RAS shotted Valkyrie flying, and in the fourth game, Shibuya Halu set up a team of destructive state and led to the champion as it is. I can not forget the game deployment that I can not read the 5th game.

Such a fierce fighting tournament is the archive, so please see here if you have not watched yet. This time, as one of the annual events, it is a check of the DeTonator Aim , which appeared as a commentary.

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