Guild Wars 2  Celebrate Halloween  These are the cool new skins this year

Guild Wars 2 Celebrate Halloween These are the cool new skins this year

Also in 2021, of course, the crazy king in Tyria can not be taken to invite us to his disturbed rich. There you can expect a wide variety of activities such as a special PVP mode, the infamous skirt on the clock tower or the many opponents in the labyrinth that drop a lot of lot.

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Halloween in GW2: New rewards in 2021 (Update)

Worth a new success a new mini, with which you get one of the most popular Fieslinge Tyrias as a companion.
Completes the great meta success to the shadow of the crazy king 2021 to unlock unique shoulder parts as a skin. The new shoulder portions of dark gaze is available in 2021 while bringing the shadow of the crazy king – concludes the annual successes. Source: crazy

Caught with good luck three new arms skins from the sweet or acidic pockets. Alternatively, you can also buy you from the NPC Funkenstein southwest of the bank in Löwenstein directly. The NPC Funkenstein sells three unique skins as other festivals, which are only available during the current festivities. Source: crazy This is the ax corroding abyss , the great sword luminous swing and the shield barbed wire trunk: The ax of corrupting abyss are available during the Ingame Festival Shadow of the Crazy King to fetch. Source: crazy The Great Sword luminous swing is available during the Ingame Festival shadow of the crazy king. Source: crazy The shield barbed wire refuge is available during the Ingame Festival Shadow of the Crazy King. Source: crazy

In any case, look at the labyrinth – a new visitor makes the crazy king in its kingdom society.

Source: Guild Wars 2, Blog Post

Original articles for Halloween 2020: For many players in Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now 49.95 €) is the best thing about everyone: the shadow of the crazy king! The Halloween of Tyria attracts a lot of sweet stuff, spooky decorations, bad jokes and unique rewards. In 2020, the festivities will take place from 13 October to 3 November .

Again in 2020, we may master the movement tower again Acrobatically, beat the opponent of the labyrinth in the raging player s swarm, connecting us in the absurd PVP of the crazy inquisition or simply playing the crazy king … Playing in the greatly decorated lion stone.

New weapons and a cloak of the shadow of the crazy king in Guild Wars 2

Similar to the New Year, Festival of the Four Winds and Dragon-Polt, this year is a fancy version of the weapons, which we could unlock in the previous year. In the shadow of the crazy king, the enchanted weapons receive an upgrade named Demon-Wisher . So far we have got Halloween weapons when we master the Halloween Daily five times. The scary war tools in the candle design seem to get a magical light based on a teaser image: Guild Wars 2: Celebrate Halloween! These are the cool new skins of this year (1) Source: Arenanet in the picture you can see on the back of the player character a new reward of shadows of the crazy king 2020. The Sylvari is not only based on the new version of the wasted rod, But also has a courtyard of the crazy cloak , which is likely to give joy with its simple design players, whom the many high gloss capes have not yet promised.

If the festival reveals even scary surprises after the release, you will learn this of course here on crazy!

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